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Spiritual Centres

The Islamic and Christian spiritual centres are headed by the Imaam and Chaplains respectively.

There are three places of worship namely,a Mosque for Moslems, Chapels  for Catholics and Anglicans.  The mosque is headed by the Imaam while the Chaplains head the Catholic and Anglican Chaplaincies. These spiritual leaders are in charge of the spiritual affairs of the students and the staff.  They are assisted by supporting staff in the administration of their respective areas/ affairs.

St Augustine Chapel

St. Augustine chapel Makerere University which is located on Makerere hill,one of the many hills on which Kampala, the capital city of Uganda is built.

St Francis Chapel

St. Francis of Assisi Chapel was established in 1944 and the first Chaplain, who was substantially appointed by the College Council through Crowns Agents, started his work on 27th March 1946.

University Mosque

The University Mosque is headed by Imam Sam Ahmed Ssentongo