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Nkrumah Hall

Nkrumah Hall is located on pool road after the swimming pool opposite College of Business and Mangement Sciences

Former Wardens include: Mr.Wamakote Leonard, Mr.Kirunda Patrick, Mr.Matovu Henry and the current Warden is Mr. Kamya John SB.

Accommodation of students:

 A student applies to the Dean of Students to become a resident or a non-resident attached to Nkrumah Hall.  Upon Dean of Students permission, a student is thus accommodated in the Hall either as private upon payment of accommodation fees or government sponsored student.

Rooms are allocated by the Room Allocation Committee which comprises of the Warden as chairperson, Chief Custodian as Secretary, Hall LC I chairperson, Hall SCR chairperson, Hall Sports Secretary, Interior Secretary and his nominees to represent International students and people with Disability.

The Room Allocation Committee uses a criterion based on point system as shown below.



a) Year of Study                                                                                         Points

         II                                                                                                           2

        III                                                                                                           3

        IV                                                                                                           4              

        V                                                                                                            5

b) Finalists                                                                                                    2

    Previous room occupant                                                                            5

    Kabanyoro                                                                                                5

c) Sports

    Participant                                                                                                 1

    Fielded player                                                                                            2

    Captain                                                                                                       3

    Additional fielded for each game                                                              1


d) Leadership

    Guild:  Guild president                                                     Automatic or   10

    Vice-President                                                                          “               10

    Speaker                                                                                     “               10

    General Secretary                                                                      “               10

    Guild Executive                                                                        “                 5            

    (Have to share non-shareable rooms)

     SCR Chairman                                                                  Automatic or   10

     SCR Executive                                                                                          5

     GRC                                                                                                            3

     Hall Local Council Chairperson                                                                 5

     Hall Committee Members                                                                           2

     University Games Union Chairperson                                                        5

     University Religious Groups and Union Chairpersons                               4

     International Students                                                                                  4

     LC Executive                                                                                               2


    Guild President, Vice President, General Secretary, Speaker and               ½(d)

    SCR Chairman                                                                                              ½(d)


 f)  Choices

     1st choice                                                                                                    3

     2nd choice                                                                                                    2

    3rd choice                                                                                                      1

     Indiscipline                                                                                                -5              

     Noisy                                                                                                          -5

     Drunkard                                                                                                  -10

g) Lugard Resident                                                                                          1

All students attached to the Hall and are not residents are also full members of the Hall as long as they are registered with the University and with the Hall.  They enjoy full benefits of a resident apart from accommodation and supper.  They are entitled to lunch from Monday – Friday if government sponsored.  They are also eligible for elections in the Hall.

Nkrumah Hall accommodates a total number of about 465 students.  These are accommodated in Blocks A, B, C, Lugard, Library and Annex. Majority of the rooms are double. Single rooms are very limited. Also available are flats which are self contained and can accommodate up to three students.  These are however limited to 6 in total.

A resident student can opt to become a non-resident upon Dean of Students permission.  One who wishes to change residence status applies to the Dean of Students through the Hall Warden.  For the case of government sponsored students one has to identify Government resident student wishing to become resident.  They then apply together and their applications are paired and submitted to the Dean of Student for approval.

A private resident student can become a non-resident upon applying to the Dean of Students through the Hall Warden to withdraw from the Hall.

The Hall provides students with beds, tables and chairs in each room.  The Hall has a TV Room with a TV set connected to both DSTV and GTV networks.

Nkrumah Hall is a pure Pan Africanist like the name suggests.  The Hall derives its values from those that Kwame Nkrumah fought for.  Nkrumah Hall also uses OSAGEFO to mean Nkrumah.  The Hall Motto is “Forward we move”.  The Hall is also in solidarity with Juliana Hostel and NKRULIANA solidarity binds the two residences together.  During annual culture week activities like Mega Benching and Bull roasting are aimed at strengthening the solidarity.

Nkrumah hall has a unique culture from the rest of the halls. Its culture is highly organised and very peaceful in nature. Every year, the students organise a Porridge night in which students shed off stress till late.

The Hall is managed by a Senior Warden assisted by a Resident Tutor.  Below the Warden are Heads of Sections and the Accountant.  Sections include Chief Custodian’s section in charge of maintenance, cleanliness and General Hall property custody.  The chief custodian is assisted by custodians and Hall Guards in charge of Hall security.

On the side of students, the SCR executive is in charge of day to day running of students’ affairs.  Each secretary of SCR is in charge of an affair and forms a committee to over see activities in the Hall.  The Hall Mess Secretary handles food issues, while Interior Secretary handles students’ accommodation.  Sports, Health, Disciplinary, Culture, Information and Entertainment secretaries all have committees to run the respective portfolios.  Besides the SCR executive, there is an Elders Bench and the chambers of the speaker who all oversee the works of the SCR executive.

Decisions in the Hall are made by committees.  There are two top committees, the management committee comprising of Warden and Heads of Sections and Students leaders and the Finance committee comprising of the Warden and Heads of Sections and students leaders and the Hall Accountant.

During every first semester, there is always a culture week in which freshers are officially welcomed into the Osagyefo culture

In second semester, the Hall conducts elections and hosts the finalist dinner to see off members who finish their courses.

Nkrumah Hall offers the best food in around Makerere University.  Students are fed on a balanced diet with Beef, chicken, and beans at least once in a week  while.  Rice, matooke, sweet potatoes and posho in form of food.

Nkrumah Hall is the Makerere’s sports giant with numerous trophies from inter-Hall sports competitions.  The Hall has various sports team ranging from Badminton, Squash, Cricket, Chess, football, Volley ball Basket Ball, etc,  Sports is key to Nkrumah’s fame with many of Hall members on National teams.  Nkrumah is known for its sports supremacy.

The Hall is guarded by a hall guard and gates close at mid night as per university rules.

During holidays, all gates are closed to students except if there is a recess term hosted by the Hall.  The Hall is enclosed by gates and thus access to and out of the Hall is regulated.  However, students are advised to always be conscious of suspected people and also to take good care of their property




Hall Warden

Mr. John Kamya