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Africa Hall


Academic year 1971/72 saw the opening of the second female students hall on campus. The ‘Women’s Hall’ as it was called at the time, opened its doors to 75 freshers on June 29th, 1971. A week later 147 continuing students randomly selected from Mary Stuart Hall joined the freshers making a total of 222 students. On December 3rd, 1971 the hall was renamed Africa Hall. It was also known as Y Hall and more loosely called “the suitcase” as opposed to ‘The Box’ as the case for Mary Stuart Hall.

The freshers of June 29th 1971 were the 1st Graduates of Africa Hall.


Motto: Walk in the Light.




The hall has strong ties with Livingstone Hall. This is referred to as the Afrostone Solidarity.


Long ago Africa Hall used to associate with Nkrumah hall but in a year of 1972 when Nkrumah hall decided to combine with Nsibirwa hall to form Northcort (Northcort Resistance Army) Livingstone boys decided to start a war to take Africa girls. This struggle lasted for two academic years and in a year of 1974 it was fully confirmed that Africa girls belonged to Livingstone and the first function was organized and that was in form of a evening gathering (porridge night) and in that function, the so called NRA attacked the students who were on the function but Livingstone boys defeated them and that is when the solidarity was fully launched. Students from Livingstone are called gentlemen while those from Africa hall are called ladies and the slogan they use are gentility with progress to success and walk in the light by students from Livingstone and Africa respectively.

As a way of strengthening the solidarity, several functions are held under the culture department led by culture secretaries of the two halls of residence. Those functions include the following:-

  • Fresher’s orientation week which is done when freshers have just reported and it takes a full week and several activities are done depending on the Culture Secretary as a way of introducing the Year one students into the solidarity.
  • Fresher’s dinner is also arranged so as to fully welcome year ones in to the solidarity.
  • Several evening social gatherings are organized under the culture department so as to strengthen the solidarity and money can be got from the SCR budget or from the administrators of the hall. (Warden’s office)
  • Finalist dinner as a way of saying bye bye to our dear finalists and it is organized towards the end of every academic year under the culture department.
  • Afrostone culture week which is also done towards the end of each academic year as a way of revising our culture.


Africa, Ladies we move
With one purpose in Livingstone
And we shall always, always attain victory.
Livingstone, Gentlemen we move
With one purpose in Africa
And we shall always, always attain victory.
Afrostone, Ladies/gentlemen we move
With one purpose in unity
And we shall always, always attain victory.


Africa hall has a statue symbolizing an African Woman.


The hall has student leaders known as Senior Common room (SCR). It is headed by a Chairlady.

Chair Ladies of the first three years of the Hall
Year Name Course
1970/1971 Jean Mukwaya Bachelor of Laws
1971/1972 Beatrice Kiwanuka Bachelor of Science
1972/1973 Constance Kategaya Bachelor of Laws





The Leaders are democratically elected normally in the second semester of each academic year and they serve for one academic year. Seventeen members make up the entire SCR.

The leaders work hand in hand with the Warden and other members of staff to keep the glory of Africa Hall.

Hall Warden

Ms. Norah Nalubowa