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About Us

The Office of the Dean of Students is responsible for welfare and discipline of all students.

The Dean's office in consultation with Admissions Office allocates Students to various halls either as residents or non residents depending on the available space. The halls on campus are responsible for providing accommodation and meals to the resident and government non-resident students.
Students are categorised as residents or non-resident students. Non resident students belong to Halls they are attched to. Government sponsored students who are non-resident are entitled to lunches during the weekdays.
The private non-resident students may pay to have meals in their halls of attachment.

Students are identified or categorised under the following groupings:

  • Undergraduate Students
  • Graduate Students
  • Ugandan Government Sponsored Students
  • Privately Sponsored Students.
  • International Students.
  • Students by the Inter-University Council of East Africa (IUC).  
  • Persons with Disabilities  
  • Students under District Quota Scheme
  • Sports Sponsored Students  


The rules guiding conduct of students or what is expected of students in the university are issued by the dean of students' office. Each student is required to pay 1000/= and get a copy of these rules in their halls of residence or attachment.
There are Disciplinary Sub-Committees in halls of residence which first handle minor matters before they are brought forward to the Deans Office. And these committees are chaired by a senior member of staff elected by the Vice Chancellor.
The more serious cases like strikes, fraud and theft are handled by the Dean who forwards them to the University Welfare and Disciplinary Committee.

Students Governance

The Student leadership consists of the Guild Government, Student leadership in Halls of Residences and Games Union. The Dean of students' office is a liaison between the student's leadership and the University Administration and Management. Dean of Students' office also handles and ensures that all Students Associations are properly registered with the Guild Government after approval by the Vice Chancellor.

Allowances for Government Sponsored Students
In consultation with University Bursar, makes sure that students' Faculty and Living Out Allowances and other fieldwork allowances are claimed and paid in time to undergraduate students.

Co-Curricular Activities

Besides academics, students are expected to be involved in other activities such as sports, membership to clubs or professional societies. All academic departments have students societies. The clubs and societies are registered with the University.

Sports Recreation and Games Union

It is a Unit under the dean of student's office which provides sports and recreation activities. Some of the sports and Recreation activities provided are; Football, Swimming, Rugby, Squash, Basket Ball, Table Tennis etc
Dean of students' department is responsible of providing and maintaince of games and sports facilities in conjunction with the games Unit and estates Department.

Guidance and Counseling 

It was established in the university under the Dean of Students Office to provide counselling and guide both to students and staff. Issues handled are;
Family Problems
Reproductive health problems and STDs including HIV/AIDs
Academic Related Issues
Self-Esteem Issues
Voluntary Counseling and Testing of HIV/AIDs
Rape and Defilement

Health Services

The University runs a hospital under the university secretary's office-The university Hospital that provides health services. It is located outside the university Campus but near the main University Gate. Health personnel are available twenty four hours to attend to students. Cases that the hospital cannot handle are referred to Mulago Hospital.