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University Hall

University Hall accommodates male students who are commonly known as “Goats”. The “goats are proud of the physical structure of the buildings and the ambiance received from her compound set up, her administrative management, the SCR administrative and the general membership. The Hall accommodates more than 450 students of various courses offered within the University. For many years, University hall has been the leading hall in sports and recreation. The Academic year 2015/2016, University hall fathered yet another Guild President in the name of Bala Bwiruka (:”Tiger”) a slogan that led him to win with landslide votes. University hall hosts functions including weddings, conferences and seminars. It is the hall that feeds her own students and those of Mitchell. The University hall staff are hardworking and cooperative aiming at success and attainment of the set goals

Hall Warden

Muhereza Rivan Peter