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Mitchell Hall

Mitchell hall is composed of complex physical structures.  The hall accommodates only boys commonly known as the “Rats” to the tune of 490 students. The boys (rats) are proud of their culture and the solidarity with the complex hall ladies commonly known as “Crocodiles” to form Mitchellex Solidarity.

Mitchell hall occupants refer to her as a :”Capital City “ of Makerere University due to her location (highway) and accommodative nature.

The hall is further known of her lucrative Bazaar which takes place every 1st semester of each academic year.

The “Rats” strives hard to not being challenged in any front including academics, hospitality and responsiveness.  The 2014/2015 SCR has left a landmark including a location map of Mitchell hall blocks, compound seats to mention but a few.

Both staff and students look forward for prosperity through togetherness and practicing Mutual understanding.

No wonder Mitchell is progressing day after day!

History of The Hall
Mitchell Hall traces its origins from the very first Hostels that were built in the 1920s to house Students of the initial Technical School from which the present day University was founded. These Hostels (named after their first prefects e.g. Sepuya, Semakokiro, Bamugye) were merged in the 1930s to form one hall named Mitchell, after the then Governor of the Uganda Protectorate, Sir Philip Mitchell. The Governor is credited with initiating several visionary changes that shaped and laid the foundations for Makerere to become the World-class University it is today. When a new structure for Mitchell Hall was constructed in the 1960s,the old structure was referred to as Old Mitchell. It is the combination of Old Mitchell with the center for

continuing education (C.C.E) that formed what is now referred to as C.C.E Complex Hall (in full C.C.E and Old Mitchell Complex Hall). This explains the historic bond between students of Mitchell and Complex Halls.

Hall Warden

Mr. Edward Lukabala