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St Francis Chapel

St. Francis of Assisi Chapel was established in 1944 and the first Chaplain, who was substantially appointed by the College Council through Crowns Agents, started his work on 27th March 1946.

Mr. George C. Turner , the then Principal of Makerere University College saw that their chief need was on the pastoral side, a service he had tried to offer but could not continue any longer. The Chaplaincy was established to cater for the pastoral needs of the Non-Roman Catholic Christian Students.  The Principal Turner wrote to Rev. Welbourne in a letter dated 19th January 1945 saying, “But what I should value most is a man with scientific training in the position of Chaplain, so that our young men would realize that he would speak with some authority on the scientific as well as upon the religious approach to life”.  This implies that the Chaplain should not be a mediocre, but well trained and seasoned in order to adequately execute his roles to the students, the academia and other intellectuals within and around the University.
1. Rev. Fred Welbourne (1946-1959)
2. Rev. Denis Pyne (1959-1971)
3. Dr. Tom T.T. Nabeta (1971-1974)
4. Rev. Yoramu Bamunoba (1974-1978)
5. Dr. Eustace Rutiba (acting
6. Rev. Canon Lusania N. Kasamba (1978-1987)
7. Rev. Canon Benoni Mugarura – Uncle Ben (1987-2007)
8. Rev. Canon Dr. Johnson Ebong (2007 to 2013)
9. Rev. Canon Amos T. Turyahabwe
10. Rev. Canon Onesmus Asiimwe