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Lumumba Hall

History of The Hall
Lumumba hall was build in the late 1960s and was opened in 1971. It was named after a freedom fighter of Congo Kinshasha known as Patrick Lumumba.
It is the biggest hall on campus and the students call them selves Elephants.
The hall has a monument that is honored by most students known as Gongom. Gongom is addressed as His Majesty, Highness and dressed in an attire (a graduate gown). This attire inspires students to read and work for it and also as a symbol of Unity. The Gongom monument was introduced by former students including the current Lt Gen. Elly Tumwine
Gongom was killed by Idi Amin Soldiers who had invaded Mary Stuart hall and lumumba students fought back to repulse the soldiers.

It is located on lumumba road just next to Mary Stuart.

The hall accomodates about 752 students, with 241 double rooms and 2 open blocks. 

Hall Culture 
The Hall logo is an elephant, the cultural symbol is Gongom. The Gongom monument has a protection Brigade known as Gongom Protection Brigade of 10 members manned by a General. The Brigade prepares an SCR budget for Gongom upkeep.
Other cultural symbols the hall has is a Bugo. Which is used to mobilize the students in case of meetings, trouble and sports etc.
It is affiliated to Mary Stuart hall of female students. And this affiliation brings social, cultural and a solidarity known as Lumbox.


Hall Warden

Mr. Edward Lukabala