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Mary Stuart Hall

Mary Stuart Hall of Residence the first hall of residence for females was built in 1947 and named after the wife of Bishop Simon Stuart of Namirembe Cathedral. She was a committed to Education of Women in Uganda. She passed away on 4th June 2000 after clocking 100 years. The first students to live in Mary Stuart Hall were six in number. The Tower Block was built later in the 1960’s.

The hall is commonly known as “BOX” and the occupants as Boxers. Before the construction of the Tower Block some of the students resided in one of the premises of school Education. The building has a shape of box, so they referred to themselves as boxers. These students were eventually transferred to the Tower Block after its completion and they moved with the name.

The hall has strong ties with Lumumba Hall. This is referred to as the Lumbox Solidarity. It is a social interaction and with this the 2 Halls hold social events together and each hall is supposed to support the other. Mary Stuart has a statue symbolizing an African woman in the Quadrangle called Gongomess. She is always smartly dressed. Before any address on Rallies / Assemblies, students test before addressing.

The Hall has Students Leaders Commonly known as SCR it is headed by a Chairlady; the Leaders are democratically elected and serve 1 academic year.  Others posts include:-

Interior Affairs
Secretary for Health
Secretary for Finance
General Secretary
Deputy Speaker
Secretary for people with disabilities
Secretary for Disciplinary
Secretary for Women Affairs
 Secretary for Entertainment
 Secretary for Culture
  Secretary for Sports
  Deputy Secretary for Sports
  Secretary for Mess
  Secretary for Information
Deputy LCI

The Hall was gazzetted as a Village, so it has an LCI

The Student Leaders are changed with ensuring social welfare of the Students in collaboration with the Warden. All Students pay a Subscription fee of 1,000/= for SCR activities, this plus a percentage on accommodation fee paid by private Students forms the funds used to finance SCR budget. Student Leaders enjoy a privilege of occupying single rooms in the Hall.

Hall Warden

Mrs. Grace Kabuye