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9 Security

(1) Self and Property

(a) Every student is advised to remain security conscious all the time while on or off the University premises;
(b) Every student is responsible for the security of personal and University property while at the University.
(c) It shall be an offence for a student to steal property from either other students, members of the general public or the University.
(d) All cases of insecurity relating to self and property shall be reported to a relevant authority.

(2) Mechanically Propelled Vehicles and Pedal Cycles

(a) A student shall keep and maintain a motor vehicle (including scooters, bicycles and motor cycles) at the University Campuses at his/ her own risk.
(b) No vehicle shall be driven on any of the University roads at more than 32 km/h
(c) Every student motorist and cyclist shall abide by the University Regulations relating to parking and driving/ riding.