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10 Halls of Residence

(1) Registration in the Hall of Residence

Every student shall be required to register at the beginning of every academic year with the Hall of Residence allocated to him/ her on the admission letter.

(2) Opening and Closing of the Halls

(a) Halls of Residence are opened at 6.00 a.m. and closed at midnight on daily basis.
(b) Notwithstanding any provision of these Regulations, the University authorities may lock Hall gates at any other hour or any day with or without notice to that effect.
(c) Any student who accesses or leaves the hall other than through conventional access points shall be guilty of an offence.
(d) On returning from vacation, students may come to their Halls of Residence after breakfast on the Saturday preceding a Semester, without lunch being served.
(e) Students joining the University as residents for the first time shall be in residence on the appointed day.
(f) Any student unable to do so shall inform the Dean of Students through his/ her Warden, not later than five working days after the opening of a semester.
(g) All students shall go out of residence for vacation not later than breakfast of the last day of the Semester.
(h) Permission to remain in residence shall be granted by the Dean of Students and an appropriate charge levied.
(i) Permission to stay in residence on Academic or Health grounds may be granted only where the Dean of a School or a University Medical Officer certifies that this is necessary and makes provision for settling of the accommodation bill.
(j) No student shall sleep out of the University during Semester-session without permission unless he/ she is officially non-resident.
(k) Permission required to stay out for a weekend where no lectures are involved, shall be granted by the Warden.

(3) Visitors

(a) No non-resident student shall be in the Hall beyond midnight.
(b) No non-student visitors shall be in the hall beyond 9.00 p.m.
(c) No student shall allow a person/ persons of the opposite sex to enter or remain in his/ her room after 9.00 pm.
(d) Every student shall remain within his/her Hall of Residence between 12 midnight and 6.00 a.m. unless prior permission has been obtained from the Warden.
(e) A visitor shall first identify him/herself to the Custodian on duty before he/she is allowed to proceed to the student’s room.
(f) On reasonable suspicion that the visitor or student is, has or is about to commit an unlawful act, the Custodian may search the visitor or student either on-entering or leaving the Hall or on both occasions.

(4) Consumption of Drugs and Alcohol

(a) No alcohol shall be stored or sold in the Halls of Residence.
(b) Any student who gets drunk either within or outside the University by the voluntary consumption of alcohol and drugs shall be guilty of an offence.
(c) Storage, sale or consumption of prohibited drugs shall be an offence.
(d) No alcohol shall be consumed at any party organised in Hall premises without the prior permission of the Warden.

(5) Pregnancy

(a) A pregnant student shall not be allowed to stay in Halls of Residence.
(b) She must report to the Warden, move out of the Hall but may opt to come back into
residence provided without the baby at least four months after delivery.

(6) Dining Rooms

(a) Meals are served at the time specified in every Hall of Residence.
(b) Entitled members of the Hall shall be allowed into the Dining Hall only during meal times.
(c) Guests may be entertained to meals in the Dining Hall provided that permission is obtained from the Warden, the appropriate charges are paid and the necessary arrangements have been made with the Domestic Bursar by 9.00 a.m. on the day the meal is required.

(7) Rooms

(a) The rooms are furnished with beds, tables, chairs and in some cases arm-chairs.
(b) Occupants shall be responsible for the proper use and care of all property and any damages or loss must be reported immediately to the Warden or the Chief Custodian.
(c) The occupants shall be required to sign for all property found in their rooms at the beginning of the Semester and sign off at the end of the Semester. It is the responsibility of the occupants to make sure that they sign off at the end of Semester otherwise they will be charged for the property not handed in.
(d) Where a wall power point (Socket) is fixed in a room, it will take a maximum current of 13 amps (i.e. 3kw).
(e) Electric lights must not be left on during day time or when you are not in the room.
(f) Cooking in rooms is strictly prohibited.
(g) Rooms must be swept out by 8.00 a.m. each day.
(h) Rubbish must be deposited in the dustbins provided.
(i) Food left over, used bulbs, razor blades, condoms, sanitary pads and other debris should be deposited into rubbish bins and never thrown out through a window nor deposited in inappropriate places like sinks, water cisterns, toilet bowls, bathrooms or corridors.
(j) Rooms shall be cleared, cleaned and fumigated under the Chief Custodian’s supervision during vacations.
(k) Private property shall not be left in the rooms during vacations.
(l) In exceptional circumstances and with permission from the Warden, private property may be left in the Hall’s Trunk Room during vacation at the owner’s risk.

(8) Keys

(a) Loss of keys by students must be immediately reported to the Warden or the Chief Custodian. The key will be replaced on payment of the cost of a new key or new lock.
(b) Keys must be returned on leaving the Hall at the end of EVERY SEMESTER. Failure to do so involves paying full residential charges from the beginning of vacation to the time the key is returned, plus any other suitable punishment. It is the responsibility of each key holder to ensure that he has signed in the key-book when the key is returned to the Custodian on duty.

(9) Residence during Vacation

(a) Permission to stay in residence during vacation shall be obtained from the Dean of Students.
(b) A student permitted to stay in residence during vacation shall pay for the service in advance at the rate obtaining at the time.
(c) A student permitted to stay in residence during vacation shall be subject to the University Regulations.

(10) Students’ Common Room

(a) The Students’ Common Room (SCR) Executive is responsible for the general social life of the Hall under the guidance of the Hall Warden.
(b) The SCR activities are guided and regulated by the Hall and Guild Constitutions.
(c) Every student shall be obliged to acquaint himself/herself with the two Constitutions as well as other University regulations; and abide by them.

(11) Warden and Resident Tutors

(a) Every Hall shall have a Warden as the Manager, assisted by Resident Tutors.
(b) A student will find a Warden in the Office and in case of emergencies, in the Warden’s Residence. The roster for Tutors on duty during weekends will be availed.