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8 Health and Safety

(1) Person Identification

(a) Every student must carry on his/ her person a valid University Identity Card, obtained from the Academic Registrar, at all times whether within or outside the University.
(b) Any student who loses his/ her Identity Card must report immediately first to his/her Warden and to the Police.
(c) A student who has lost his/ her Identity Card must take steps immediately to have it replaced within two weeks, beyond which one shall be guilty of the offence of negligence.

(2) Cleanliness

(a) Every student shall maintain high standards of personal hygiene.
(b) Every student shall keep his/her room and all premises of the University to the highest standard of cleanliness.
(c) Any student who litters his/ her room or other premises of the University shall be guilty of an offence for which he/she shall be liable for disciplinary action.

(3) Consumption of Drugs and Alcohol

(a) No student shall possess, peddle or consume any intoxicating drugs unless such consumption has been prescribed by a recognized Medical Officer.
(b) Irresponsible consumption of alcohol in disregard of personal health and welfare, peace and tranquillity in the University or personal financial ability, shall constitute an offence for which a student shall be liable to disciplinary proceedings.

(4) Persons with Disability

(a) Every student shall recognise and respect the rights of persons with disabilities.
(b) A student shall not make fun of, tease or otherwise behave in a manner that renders a person with disability uncomfortable.

(5) Health

(a) Every student shall, upon joining the University, register with the University Hospital and be subjected to a medical examination.
(b) A student who feels unwell shall be under obligation to seek medical attention.
(c) A student who must miss a lecture, tutorial, practical, examination, defence, presentation or any other formal academic engagement, on medical grounds, shall notify the lecturer concerned in writing, keep a copy of the notification for future reference and follow it up by submitting authenticated medical documents.
(d) A student who receives medical attention at a medical facility other than the University Hospital shall, on return, report and submit records to the Director of the University Hospital for authentication.
(e) A student who contracts a contagious disease shall on the advice of the Director, University Hospital, withdraw from the University community until he/she recovers.
(f) Contravention of any of these regulations shall lead to disciplinary action.


Every student shall abide by the University HIV/AIDS policy.

(7) Death

Death of a student shall be reported to the Dean of Students and treated in accordance with
existing University policy.

(8) Games, Sports and Recreation

(1) Students’ behaviour during sporting activities shall be governed by the general University Regulations and Regulations and those of the University Sports and Games Union.
(2) Any student (or group of students) who attacks a Games Official or Referee or fights with another student at a match or interrupts a match shall be guilty of an offence.
(3) It shall be an offence for any student to make use of sports facilities without obtaining permission from the relevant authority.
(4) All University sports equipment shall be handled with care both within and outside the Games Union stores.
(5) A student who loses or damages sports equipment, uniforms or facilities shall repair or replace them.
(6) No student shall engage in any hazardous activity in the guise of sports, e.g. risky use of sports equipment and facilities or use of unsafe equipment.
(7) Any student who contravenes the above regulations shall be subjected to disciplinary action.