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6 Students' Conduct and Discipline

(1) Personal Presentation

(a) Every student shall respect him/ herself and behave in a manner that will not bring his/ her name and that of the University into disrepute.
(b) Non permissible conduct includes but is not limited to: Drunkenness, abusive language, fighting, brawling, quarrelling, theft, shabbiness, sexual immorality, financial indiscipline etc.
(c) No student shall smoke in lecture rooms, laboratories, libraries, studios, Halls of Residence and in any other public places other than areas that shall be specifically designated for that purpose.
(d) Every student shall dress in a neat and decent manner
(e) Every student shall use English as the official language of the University.
(f) Any student who uses any offensive language or indulges in any misbehaviour towards any member of the University or the public, in an offensive manner shall be guilty of an offence.
g) No student shall utter words or behave in a manner which may damage the good name and image of the University.
(2) Correspondence
(a) All official correspondence by a student to Government or other official bodies outside the University shall be channelled through the Dean of Students or the Principal or the Vice-Chancellor as the case may be.
(b) All official correspondence by a student within the University should be channelled through the relevant Hall Warden, Head of Unit/ Section/ Department, Dean of a School or Principal of a College as the case may be.
(c) No student or group of students shall print, publish and disseminate or otherwise circulate any false or fabricated information of any sort.
(d) No student, student government, student associations or group of students of any description shall print or issue any circular anonymously without the name, student number and signature of the person issuing it.
(e) Any student or student leader who holds a press conference on matters concerning the University either off or on University, without obtaining clearance from the Dean of Students and the Vice-Chancellor shall be guilty of an offence.
(f) A student/ group of students who purport to represent the University in any form without the written permission from the Vice-Chancellor shall be guilty of an offence and liable to disciplinary proceedings.
(g) Unauthorised banners are prohibited from University premises.
(3) Activities outside the University
No student shall undertake or participate in activities outside the University without obtaining permission from the relevant University authority.
(4) Alcohol
(a) Any student who gets drunk either within or outside the University premises bythe voluntary consumption of alcohol shall be guilty of an offence.
(b) Drinking alcohol and behaving in a manner that breaches peace, either on or off University premises, shall constitute an offence.
(5) Drugs
(a) No student shall possess, use, peddle, sell or consume prohibited or banned drugs.
(b) A student who breaks this regulation shall face the disciplinary committee.
(6) Noise
Making noise from any source (e.g. exceptionally loud music, bugles, drums, whistles, etc.) which interferes with the study or sleep of other members of the University or the Public shall constitute an offence.
(7) Dissemination of Information at the University
(a) A student shall open and keep operational an e-mail account on the University’s webmail.
(b) A student shall always read notices posted on Wall Notice Boards and the University Intranet (from where web pages for different units in the University can be accessed); as well as regularly check his/her e-mail inbox where information and notices from the Administration, Colleges, Schools, Wardens, the Students’ Common Room or the Guild will be posted.
(c) Fixing posters/ notices on any surface in the University, other than the Notice Boards, shall constitute an offence.
(8) Dances and other Similar Functions
(a) Permission shall be sought from the Vice-Chancellor through the Dean of Students, to hold a dance or any other similar function at the University.
(b) A dance and any other similar function held in the Main Hall, Halls of Residence, Guild Canteen or any other part of the University on any day of the week shall not go beyond 12.00 a.m.
(c) The Vice-Chancellor may grant special permission for a function to be held outside these hours.
(d) Contravention of the above regulations shall result into disciplinary action.
(9) Demonstrations
(a) Demonstrations either within or outside the University shall be held only in accordance with the Laws of Uganda provided the Vice-Chancellor has been informed at least 24 hours in advance and Police permission has been obtained.
(b) No student or group of students shall mount road blocks on any part of the campus roads or stop motorists or any other persons using the campus or public roads.
(10) Insubordination to the University Authority
(a) Any student who disobeys or obstructs or interferes with any University official shall be guilty of an offence.
(b) Any student who disobeys or obstructs or interferes with any student leader shall be guilty of an offence.
(c) Any student who fails, ignores or chooses not to channel official correspondence through relevant offices in the University shall be guilty of insubordination.
(11) Conduct Likely to Cause Breach of Peace
Any student who conducts him/herself in a manner likely to cause breach of peace shall be guilty of an offence. Behaviour likely to cause breach of peace shall include, but not limited to:
(a) Inciting other students for unlawful action;
(b) Blocking roads;
(c) Using abusive and/ or profane language;
(d) Forcing other students out of lecture rooms or the library;
(e) Dressing in a provocative manner;
(f) Throwing stones;
(g) Burning stuff;
(h) Extorting funds from University staff and members of the public; and
(i) Inciting violence and destruction of property.