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7 University Property and Employees

(1) Use of Offices and University Employees

(a) No student may enter into Hall kitchens and stores, without permission;
(b) Teaching and administrative rooms shall only be used outside working hours with the permission of the Head of Department;
(c) No rooms shall be used for meetings or any other functions unless the requirements for booking them either in the Hall of Residence or School/ College have been complied with.
(d) No student may hire for pay or otherwise any employee of the University during that employee’s working hours.
(e) It shall be an offence for a student to give or demand a bribe or attempt to unduly influence either a University employee or a fellow student, for favour or services related to their official work.
(f) Contravening any of the above regulations shall result into facing the disciplinary proceedings.

(2) University Property

(a) Every student shall exercise the highest standard of caution in handling University property so as to avoid possible damage.
(b) Any student who wilfully or negligently damages University property shall pay the cost or part of the cost of repair or replacement of the property, as the circumstances may determine.
(c) No University property of any description shall be taken from its proper place without the written consent of the Head of Department.