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4 Academic Matters

(1) Attendance of scheduled courses of instruction is compulsory. These include, but are not limited to, lecture, tutorial, seminar, practical, examination, test and internship. Non-attendance due to illness or other good cause must be authorized by the Dean of the relevant School.

(2) Permission required for less than a week and involving missing lectures shall be obtained from the Dean of the School.

(3) Permission required for more than a week, shall be obtained from the Principal of theCollege through the Dean of the School.

(4) On returning from vacation or leave of absence, every student shall report to both his/ her College Registrar and the Warden of the Hall of Residence where either one
resides or is attached, without delay.

(5) No student may undertake activities outside the University during Semester session without prior permission of the Dean of the School.

(6) The appropriate Dean of the School may grant such permission after due consultation.

(7) No permission shall be granted unless the student shows to the satisfaction of the Dean of the School that his/her Academic work will not suffer by undertaking such activity outside
the University.