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Makerere University has twelve Halls of Residence including six for male students and three for female students situated at the main campus.

Mulago Hospital Complex, accommodates medical students

Makerere University Agricultural Research Institute - Kabanyolo for third-year students persuing the degree of Bachelor of Agricultural.

Dag Hammarskjold, it houses graduate students. All the Halls and hostels host a population of about 5000 resident undergraduates and 100 graduate students i.e. only 16% of students registered to the University. The rest of the students reside outside the campus either in private hostels or commute from homes. 

With the assistance of Wardens and in consultation with Estates Department, the Dean of Students Department is responsible for maintenance of facilities in Halls of Residence and the university hostels.

Dean of Students Department with assistance of Wardens ensures that appropriate accommodation and catering services are provided to students in accordance with the prevailing budgets. Both Private and Government Sponsired Students are allocated rooms by respective hall committees chaired by the wardens. 

Security on campus is a responsibility of the university security Department and the Uganda Police Force.
Private Hostels provide their own security arrangements for the Students they accommodate.


All the above halls have got Beds, Reading tables and Chairs, Television sets connected to DSTV, well stocked canteens,they also provide running water, security,various sports facilities, fumigation services during holidays and rest gardens.

Wardens are in charge of Hall Administration with the help of Chief Custodians and others. There is a Students Common Room(SCR) Cabinet in each hall headed by a Chairperson who together with the Cabinet takes care of students' problems and interests.

Hall Programs

    1st week of the new academic year - Freshers Orientation Week
    2nd Semester - SCR Elections after Guild elections
    Last Month of 2nd Semester - Cultural week, Finalists Dinner.

In addition to accommodation in the Halls on campus, there are a number of private hostels around the university. Some of these hostels are affiliated to the University, that is, the University and the owners have reached an understanding to accommodate University students.

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Accommodation Guidelines