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Deputy Dean of Students

Stephen Kateega is the Deputy Dean of Students at Makerere University. His responsibilities include deputizing the Dean of Students, overseeing student accommodation, food service providers and student meal plans, sports and recreation, and the worship and counseling centers. He is a graduate teacher who  has worked in the higher education sector since January 1986; and in various capacities at Makerere University since February 1995. Stephen has a Bachelor of Arts with Education Degree (Mak 1984), a Master of Education in Teaching English Language and Literature Degree (Mak 1994), a Master of Arts in Public Administration and Management Degree (Mak 2004), as well as Post-Graduate Diplomas in Teaching English as A Foreign Language (TEFL), (Brighton Polytechnic 1987); and, Human Resources Management and Development (UMI 2008). In the spring of 2013, Stephen completed an eight week Research Fellowship in the United States, organized by IREX’s University Administration Support Program (UASP) and sponsored by Carnegie Corporation of New York, where he researched on best practices in campus life and student services.


  • Coordinate the activities of the numerous students’ Societies and Associations. Ensure that  they are registered after approval by the Vice Chancellor and handles complaints from members of these bodies.
  • Provide secretariat services to the Vice Chancellor Inter Hall Cleanliness Competition Committee.
  • Handle complaints of students emanating from other service departments.
  • Handle the entire Postgraduate’s grants and allowances for the following courses: Master of Education, Master of Medicine and Diploma in Public Health and other Postgraduate students.
  • Ensure fees, maintenance and personal allowances for Postgraduate students are claimed by students and paid by ministries concerned.
  • Assist the Dean in addressing some of students’ problems.
  • After clearance of a student by a University Warden, School, he/she may grant permission to a student seeking to be away from the University for a week and refer cases for permission for more than a week to the Vice Chancellor.
  • In charge of University Rules and ensure that all students get copies of the Rules.
  • Grant permission to individuals and organisations who would like to use University Halls of Residence for conferences during term time or vacations and determine the charges to be paid in accordance with the prevailing charges laid down by the Council.
  • Assist the Dean to attend some of the students’ functions either in Halls of Residence or on the sports field.
  • Any other duties assigned to him/her by the Dean of Students.

Wardens of the various Halls of Residences

Mitchel Hall and University Hall
Lumumba Hall
Livingstone Hall
Nkurumah Hall
Mary Stuart Hall
Africa Hall