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Mr Tukamushaba is the Warden of Mitchell Hall and University Hall, appointed in  January, 2015. He has been in university service since November 1992 and commenced his duties as Assistant Domestic Bursar Lumumba Hall (1992 – 1997). In 1997 February he was promoted to Domestic Bursar and transferred to CCE Complex Hall till November 2003. He moved to Livingstone Hall in the same position till 2011 when he was promoted to Wardenship.

As a Warden in Makerere University he is the Administrative representative of the University Vice Chancellor in the Halls of residence. He is in charge of the Students’ discipline and welfare in the Department of the Dean of Students, Makerere University. He heads and Chairs the Finance and Budget Committee, Administration Committee and oversees all the functional activities including staff supervision within the hall.  He participated in the 10 year strategic plan (2007/2008 to 2017/2018) of the Dean of Students Department, Makerere University.  He was for many years a Chairman of Domestic Bursars, Makerere University.

Amos is the Chairman of the Unionised staff (NUEI) Makerere branch – a position he was elected to in 2005 and re-elected 2011 to date.  He liaises the staff with management and champions their plight to University authorities.

Outside the Makerere University, Amos is the Honourable Secretary Kampala Club, one of the prominent Recreational Clubs in the Country. He oversees all the administrative functions of the club. He stands for equity, honesty, accountability, transparency and customer responsiveness.  He also greatly value professionalism in performance and integrity in service delivery.

Wardens of the various Halls of Residences

Mitchel Hall and University Hall
Lumumba Hall
Livingstone Hall
Nkurumah Hall
Mary Stuart Hall
Africa Hall