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Fresher's Orientation Week
every 2nd week of August )

Inter University games 2007
(8th-15th December 2007)

5th All Africa University Games 2008
(6th- 16th July 2008)

Nkrumah Hall Of Residence

History of The Hall
Nkrumah hall was named after the great African leader Nkwame Nkrumah of Ghana.
The hall was at first known as new Hall under the management of Northcote.
Thereafter it gained its independence and was referred to as a colony by Northcote hall by then.
Nkrumah houses male students and is well known for the culture of Pan Africanism and the students call themselves activists.
In front of the hall you find Nkwame Nkurumah's monument.
The hall also has a regalia which is the undergraduate gown, a drum and a flag.
It is also known to have an informal elders platform that is believed to advise the students in the Common Room.
It convenes a meeting, which is attended by some members of SCR.
It cherishes much in sports as compared to other halls.
But up to now it still shares a kitchen with Nsibirwa Hall.
Nkrumah Hall is located on pool road after the swimming pool opposite Faculty of Economics and Management.

Prominent Former Residents
Mr   Lecturer and politician

Former Wardens
Mr.Wamakote Leonard  
Mr.Kirunda Patrick  
Mr. Matovu Henry   Caretaker Administrator
Mr. Kamya John SB   Current Warden

Nkrumah Hall accommodates a total number of about 500 students. These are accommodated in Blocks A, B, C, Lugard, Library and Annex. Majority of the rooms are double. Single rooms are very limited. Also available are flats which are self contained and can accommodate up to three students. These are however limited to 6 in total

Hall Culture
Nkrumah Hall is a pure Pan Africanist like the name suggests.  The Hall derives its values from those that Kwame Nkrumah fought for.  Nkrumah Hall also uses OSAGEFO to mean Nkrumah.  The Hall is also in solidarity with Mulago View Hostel and NKRUVIEW solidarity binds the two residences together.  During annual culture week activities like Mega Benching and Bull roasting are aimed at strengthening the solidarity.
During every first semester, there is always a culture week in which freshers are officially welcomed into the Osagyefo culture

Nkrumah hall has a unique culture from the rest of the halls. Its culture is highly organised and very peaceful in nature. Every year, the students organise a Porridge night in which students shed off stress till late.

Hall Motto is “Forward we move”.

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